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The Top 5 Imperial Cuisine Restaurants in Beijing

The Top 5 Imperial Cuisine Restaurants in Beijing

Written by Kelly PangUpdated Oct. 30, 2023
Peking duckBeijing roast duck is bound to be on offer at Beijing's imperial restaurants.

Beijing has restaurants serving cuisine from all over China. However, there is one type of cuisine that you must try in Beijing as it's the only place serving it. This is Chinese imperial cuisine that originated from the imperial kitchens, where food was cooked for the emperors and their court. There are many restaurants in Beijing serving this style of cuisine. Here we list five recommendations, according to customers' reviews.

1. Fangshan Restaurant - 仿膳饭庄

Established in 1925, Fangshan Restaurant is one of Beijing's oldest imperial restaurants. Fangshan is located in an ancient complex built during Emperor Qianlong's reign, comprised of Yilan Hall, Daoning Hall and other buildings. Set in the grounds of Beihai park facing the lake the restaurant is surrounded by very beautiful scenery. 

The restaurant halls are decorated in dragon and phoenix themes. The furnishings are classic and elegant, with traditional colors used in the décor of the palace. Curtains, tablecloths, napkins, and chair covers are bright yellow whilst the tableware is imitation Qing porcelain.

  • Telephone: 010-64011889, 010-64042573
  • Cost: 213 yuan
  • Address: East Gate of Beihai Park, Wenjin Street, Xicheng District. 西城区文津街1号北海公园东门内
  • Transportation: Take subway line 6 and get out at Beihai Gongyuan Bei Men and then enter the park to find the restaurant
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2. Family Li Imperial Cuisine - 历家菜

Family li Imperial CuisineFamily Li Imperial Cuisine

Family Li serves imperial cuisine made with recipes and processing techniques handed down from their ancestors. The current owner is Li Shanling. His grandfather Li Zijia (厉子嘉) was deeply trusted by Empress Dowager Cixi and was appointed supervisor of the Imperial Household Department in charge of the meals for the royal family. He approved all the daily menus and tasted all the dishes before they were served to the empress and the emperor. He memorized every recipe he read, and wrote them down when he came home to later be used in this restaurant. 

Family Li only serves dinner to ten people every day so you must make a reservation a few days in advance. The daily menu is informational only, you are not allowed to order your meal of choice. Family Li will present you with a meal suited for an emperor. Many celebrities have enjoyed such a meal, including Bill Gates, Muhammad Ali, former Australian Prime Minister Bob Hawke and others.

  • Telephone: 010-66180107
  • Cost: 685 yuan
  • Address: 11 Yangfang Hutong, Deshengmen, Xicheng District 西城区德胜门大街羊坊胡同11号
  • Transportation: Take subway line 6 and get out at Beihai Gongyuan Bei Men and then walk north through the hutongs surrounding Houhai Lake
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3. Bai Jia Da Yuan Restaurant - 白家大院

Bai Jia Da YuanBaijiadayuan Restaurant

Bai Jia Da Yuan is a garden restaurant of the Qing Dynasty serving mainly imperial cuisine and also Bai cuisine. Traditional Chinese pavilions dot the gardens and Chinese lanterns illuminate the complex at night. All the staff wear traditional Qing dynasty costumes which further adds to the unique atmosphere. The food served is outstanding, not only for the flavors but also for the unique presentation of the dishes. We won't spoil it here but this is definitely a restaurant you should try! 

  • Telephone: 010-62658851 62654186
  • Cost: 428 yuan
  • Address: 15 Suzhou Street, Haidian District (near Bayi Middle School) 海淀区苏州街15号乐家花园内(近八一中学)
  • Transportation: Take bus 386, 725, or 944 to Haidian South Road, or take subway line 10 to Suzhou Street
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4. Mei Mansion Family Feast - 梅府家宴

'Mei Mansion Family Feast' (Mei Fu Jia Xi) is another imperial restaurant located around Houhai Lake. It serves the family dishes that Mei Lanfang (a master of Beijing Opera) ate during his lifetime. 

Chinese foodChinese food

The restaurant spans 1,100 square meters. It has 3 courtyards, and used to be the residence of a prince's wife in the Qing Dynasty. The courtyards are planted with magnolias, bamboo, and willows, as well as a jujube tree that is more than 200 years old. The mansion is divided into 4 halls: plum, orchid, bamboo, and chrysanthemum. They are separated by a water wall, curtain wall and pools.

The chrysanthemum hall has two parlors, where photos and tableware, camera equipment, and an old-fashioned gramophone that Mr. Mei once used are displayed. The furniture is 1920s and 30s style, and each piece of tableware has a delicate orchid pattern on it. When enjoying the Mei cuisine, classic and original opera from the gramophone gives you a chance to appreciate the charisma and charm of the opera master for whom the restaurant is named.

  • Telephone: 010-66126845 010-66126847 
  • Cost: 805 yuan
  • Address: 24 Dafengxiang Hutong, Xicheng District北京市西城区大翔凤胡同24号
  • Transportation: Take subway line 6 and get out at Beihai Gongyuan Bei Men and then walk north through the hutongs surrounding Houhai Lake

5. Ritan Inn House - 日坛会馆

Ritan Inn House is located in the southwest of Ritan Park, in the embassy district of Chaoyang District. It is a huge complex that serves imperial cuisine from private kitchens, Hong-Kong-style Cantonese cuisine, and teppanyaki. It also has an outdoor area and beer garden. Combine a visit to this restaurant with a walk around the beautiful Ritan park - an ancient park set in the middle of Beijing's CBD. 

  • Telephone: 010-65005883
  • Cost: 466 yuan
  • Address: Southwest of Ritan Park, Chaoyang District 朝阳区日坛公园西南角
  • Transportation: Take bus 639 and get off at Ritan Park or the closest subway station is Jianguomen on line 2
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