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The Top 7 Vegetarian Restaurants in Beijing

chinese vegetarian diet Chinese vegetarian food

While you might not associate Chinese cuisine with vegetarianism, there are lots of vegetarian restaurants and dishes around Beijing, and you definitely don't have to miss out just because you don't eat meat.

The main difference between vegetarian food in China and abroad is that some Chinese vegetarian restaurants will serve their dishes looking like the original meat dish, for example, a roast duck will look like a roast duck, even if the vegetarian duck is made of tofu instead of meat.

1. Lin's Dining Lounge

Tucked away in the north of Beijing's business district in the New Grand Dynasty Hotel, Lin's Dining Lounge combines Chinese and Western cuisines, and is fully vegetarian.

There are a lot of exciting dishes on the menu (which has English and pictures for ease of ordering), and this is a great place to ease into traditional Chinese cuisine in relaxing surroundings. You'll be able to find vegetarian versions of famous Chinese dishes, too.

Recommended dishes: stir-fried mushrooms with Japanese tofu and kungpao mushrooms, a twist on the famous kungpao chicken.

  • Chinese: 霖舍 Linshe /lin-sher/
  • Average price per person: around 200 yuan per person
  • Opening hours: 10am - 10pm
  • Address: 2/F, New Grand Dynasty Hotel, 58 Maizidian Street, Chaoyang District, Beijing. (朝阳区麦子店街58号北京新大宗饭店2楼)
  • Tel: 6500 6266
  • Transportation: Get off at Liangmaqiao Station (亮马桥站) on Line 10. Use Exit C.

2. Lily Vegetarian Restaurant Caoyuan Hutong Branch

lily restaurantLily Vegetarian Restaurant

There are two kinds of dishes at Lily Vegetarian Restaurant; pure vegetarian, and vegetarian dishes that are inspired by meat dishes.

This restaurant, based in Caoyuan Hutong, is elegantly and traditionally decorated, and the staff is so kind that the restaurant is known for its great service.

Recommended dishes: pumpkin paste, multi-layered steamed bread, vegetarian “sausage” and vegetarian “chicken drumsticks.”

  • Chinese: 百合素食 Baihe Sushi /buy-her soo-shrr/
  • Average price per person: around 100 yuan per person
  • Opening hours: 10am – 10pm
  • Address: A23 Caoyuan Hutong, Dongzhimen North Street, Dongcheng District (东城区东直门北小街草园胡同甲23号)
  • Tel: 6405 2082, 6405 4282
  • Transportation: Take Subway Line 2 or 13 and get off at Dongzhimen (东直门站) Exit A to the west, or get off at Beixinqiao Station (北新桥站) on Line 5 and take Exit B.

3. King's Joy

Lama TempleLama Temple

King's Joy is undoubtedly one of the best vegetarian restaurants in town. The dishes are made using the freshest vegetables and ingredients, generally from closeby organic farms or from the special regions they hail from.

It has been awarded a couple of awards by the local magazines for its service as well as its food, as dishes are innovative and tasty. Perfect for groups where not everyone is vegetarian too. The restaurant is conveniently located close to Yonghegong Lama Temple and thus conveniently follows a visit to the temple.

Recommended dishes: sauteed matsutake and celtis leaf, wild mushroom sushi, accompanied by chilled papaya milk.

  • Chinese: 京兆尹 Jingzhaoyin /jing-jaow-yin/
  • Average price per person: over 250 per person
  • Opening hours: 11:30am – 1:30pm; 2pm-4:30pm; 5:30pm-9:30pm
  • Address: 2 Wudaoying Hutong, Dongcheng District (东城区五道营胡同2号)
  • Tel: 8404 9191
  • Transportation: Take Subway Line 2 or 5 and get off at Yonghegong Lama Temple Exit D to the west

4. Tianchu Maoxiang

Tianchu Maoxiang caters mostly to Beijing's student population up north in Wudaokou. The menu, which is also in English, has a mix of both Chinese and Western food, including some mock meat dishes as described above.

As one of the cheaper restaurants on this list, it's worth visiting if you're up north or if you're looking for more affordable vegetarian fare.

Recommended dishes: Taro with pumpkin casserole, seared mushrooms with hot chilies on a hot iron plate, and a black pepper "beef."

  • Chinese: 天厨妙香 Tianchu Miaoxiang /tyen-choo myaow-sshyang/
  • Average price per person: around 77 yuan per person
  • Opening hours: 10am - 9pm
  • Address: 1/F, Chuangye Building, Qinghua Technology Garden, Haidian District, Beijing. (海淀区清华科技园创业大厦1层)
  • Tel: 6279 7078
  • Transportation: Take Line 13 to Wudaokou (五道口站) and get off at Exit C.

5. SUHU Vegetarian Tiger

The perfect place to try Chinese cuisine as a vegetarian, you'll find everything at VegeTiger; from "pork" dumplings to spicy Sichuan dishes. It's best to go in a big group so that you're able to try a little bit of everything!

Recommended dishes: Wuxi "pork" ribs and "pork" dumplings.

  • Chinese: 素虎素食 Suhu Sushi /soo-hoo soo-shrr/
  • Average price per person: around 82 yuan per person
  • Opening hours: 10am - 9pm
  • Address: 3/F Fullink Plaza, 18 Chaoyangmen Outer Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing. (东城区朝阳门外大街18号丰联广场3层)
  • Tel: 6588 7016
  • Transportation: Take the Subway Line 2 to Chaoyangmen Station (朝阳门站) and get off at either Exit A or B, walking East.

6. The Veggie Table

This restaurant is designed in Chinese garden style and has quiet surroundings. It is a strictly vegetarian restaurant: no meat, no milk, and no eggs. The dishes feature a Western flavor. Flavors of many countries can be tasted there. The boss is an American who has been a vegetarian for more than ten years. It is beloved by many foreign patrons.

Recommended dishes: Georgian salad, Mediterranean mushroom burger and carrot cake

  • Chinese: 吃素的西餐 Chisude Xican /chrr-soo-der sshee-tsan/
  • Average price per person: around 100 yuan per person
  • Opening hours: 11am – 11:30pm
  • Address: 19-2 Wudaoying Hutong,Dongcheng District (东城区五道营胡同甲19-2号)
  • Tel: 6446 2073
  • Subway: Take Line 5 to Yonghegong (雍和宫), exit G, or Line 2 to Yonghegong, exit C.

7. Su Zhi


Su Zhi is a “magic” restaurant. From the moment you enter, you will feel calm and peaceful naturally, as the name Su Zhi suggests. Su means ‘simple’ and pure; Zhi means ‘straightforward’.

Each dish has a special shape and a unique name. The dishes feature a light flavor, paying attention to the purity of food. Organic ingredients are widely used. Most of the raw materials are from beans.

Recommended dishes: porcini baked in mint sauce, vegetarian hot pot

  • Chinese: 素直 Su Zhi /soo-jrr/
  • Average price per person: around 170 yuan per person
  • Opening hours: 9:30am – 9:30pm
  • Address: 3F Lido Square, 6 Jiangtai Road, Chaoyang District (朝阳区将台路丽都广场3层)
  • Tel: 6435 3697
  • Subway: Take Line 14 to Wangjingnan (望京南), use Exit C, and walk southwest about 1.3 km.

We Can Organize a Vegetarian Trip!

Eating Chinese food in a local restaurantEnjoying the Chinese food that you want to try should be part of your China trip.

Are you vegetarian? Not a problem, we can make sure that all your meals are fully vegetarian, and include any restaurants you'd like to try specifically from the list above.

Please let us know about your dietary requirements when you contact us about creating your itinerary, especially if you're particularly interested in trying Buddhist vegetarian restaurants.

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