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The 6 Most Beautiful Ancient Villages around Beijing

Autumn around Beijing is a beautiful time of year. It is not difficult to find somewhere to enjoy the autumn scenery peacefully since there are various traditional ancient villages away from the modern city. You can enjoy both the natural landscape and the folk culture of the area. Below we recommend to you the six "must-visit" ancient villages of the Beijing area.

1. Diaowo Village in Pinggu District (平谷雕窝村) — The Village of Art

Diaowo Village has beautiful and pleasing scenery. It is located northeast of Huangsongyu Town  and is surrounded on three sides by mountains and on the fourth by a river. There are over 100 villagers living here. The residents are enthusiastic and earnest, and there is an unusual artistic atmosphere.

Besides the beautiful scenery and delicious food that is also found in other villages around Beijing, the artistic atmosphere there is unique. Many famous writers and artists come to experience life in the village. There are seven art academies in the village, so the village is also known as the "Village of Art" in the eastern Beijing area. You will find collections of works by famous artists preserved in almost every family that indicates an optimistic view of life.

  • Address: Diaowo Village in Huangsongyu Town, Pinggu district

2. Folk Culture Ancient Village in Yanqing County (延庆古城民俗村) — A Classic Chinese Village

Longqing Valley surrounds the villageLongqing Valley surrounds the village

This village in Jiuxian Township of Yanqing County (延庆县旧县镇) has a long history dating back to the Western Han Dynasty. Tourists like its blessed geography and the natural landscape of Longqing Valley (龙庆峡).

Now there are over 100 families, and the village can accommodate over 1,500 tourists at the same time who enjoy the outdoor activities and the countryside scenery. You can choose to pick fruits or harvest vegetables, fish, go horse-riding, and experience other agricultural activities such as rice-milling. Or just leisurely experience the local folk culture.

  • Address: Ancient City Ancient Village, Longqing Valley, Yanqing County, Beijing (北京市延庆龙庆峡古城民俗村)
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3. Cuandixia Village (爨底下村) — A Great Place to Take Photos

cuandixia village streetCuandixia Village street

With the ancient style and features of this village well preserved, and the buildings divided into two neat rows, Cuandixia Village is known as the "Potala Palace in Beijing".

This quaint little village is more attractive than you can imagine. The quadrangle courtyards built in the Ming and Qing dynasties are perfectly proportioned, and most of the houses are built with stones from the mountains outside town.The village is very well preserved, there are more than 70 quadrangle dwellings with 689 rooms preserved there.

Lattice windows, kang beds, fire-red hot peppers, golden corn — everything combines to produce a jubilant atmosphere.

cuandixia village view from aboveCuandixia village view from above
  • Address: Cuanbai scenic spot in Zhaitang Town, Mentougou district, Beijing (北京市门头沟区斋堂镇爨柏景区)

4. Liugou Ancient Village in Yanqing County (延庆柳沟村) — Famous for the Legendary Tofu

Located in the southeast of Yanqing County, Liugou Folk Village is surrounded by mountains on three sides. There are willow trees and ravines formed by floods all around the village area. This is where the name "Liugou" (willows and ravines) comes from. The people here are simple and honest, and the local attractions draw tourists.

Address:Jingzhuang Town, Yanqing County, Beijing北京市延庆县井庄镇

Badaling Great Wall viewBadaling Great Wall view

Nearby attractions:

Near the village, there are several famous attractions such as the Badaling Great Wall, Longqing Valley, the Kangxi Grasslands (康西草原), and the Guanting Reservoir (官厅水库). The Badaling Great Wall draws many tourists because of the beautiful scenery and activities you can do there (hikes, roller coaster rides, camping areas, skiing, etc). Visit any of these locations and we guarantee a good time!

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5. Zhuanghu Ancient Village by the Great Wall of China (庄户民俗村) — A Charming and Elegant Village

The village is on the west side of Bohai County in Huairou District and is 80 km from Beijing. Near Xiangshui Lake (响水湖) in Huairou District (怀柔区), there is a folk village named Zhuanghu Village. The village is making a great effort to develop its tourism industry recently with its picturesque scenery, elegant environment, earnest residents, the ancient Great Wall and Xiangshui Lake nearby.

6. Beigou Village (怀柔北沟村) — Closest to The Great Wall

The Great Wall at MutianyuThe Great Wall at Mutianyu

Located at the foot of the Great Wall at Mutianyu (慕田峪长城), Beigou Village is only 2 km from the Great Wall. There are Chinese chestnuts in the village and all over the mountain. Beyond the mountain stands the ancient Great Wall, which is the most attractive sight in the village.

The houses in Beigou Village are built into the terrain, and the rooms are well proportioned and tidy. The roads are very clean, and you will never find cigarette butts or other rubbish strewn about. In the village you will truly be able to relax and return to nature.

  • Address: Beigou Village in Bohai Town, Huairou district (怀柔区渤海镇北沟村)

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The Great Wall awaits youThe Great Wall awaits you!

You could combine a stay or visit at one of these villages with a visit to the Great Wall. Liugou is near Badaling, and Beigou Village is less than a kilometer from Mutianyu. You could stay in the villages during a hike of the wall.

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