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The Top 10 Things to Do with Kids in Beijing

In Beijing, there are abundant fun activities and attractions to keep your kids entertained. Once back home, they will be very proud to tell their friends that they climbed the Great Wall, saw giant pandas, etc.

The following recommendations are based on our experience and our customers’ feedback.

1. The Great Wall

Mutianyu Great WallMutianyu Great Wall is the favorite section for exploring with young kids.

There are many sections of the Great Wall around Beijing. Mutianyu is the favorite section for exploring with (young) kids. It is enjoyable and educational to explore the battlements and watchtowers.

The cableway makes it convenient for you to ascend and descend the Great Wall even if you go with a baby. The 3-minute toboggan down the mountain will bring your kids a feeling of adventure.

Another two sections you can consider are Badaling (good facilities, but very crowded), and Jinshanling (the most beautiful section with some unrestored wall).

Learn more information on our article Visit the Great Wall with Kids — Fun and Educational.

2. The Forbidden City

visit the forbidden city with kidsVisit the Forbidden city with kids.

The Forbidden City shouldn’t be missed if your children are interested in Chinese history and traditional architecture, and want to know what a Chinese imperial palace looks like.

As it contains more than 70 palace compounds, 980 buildings and over 8,700 rooms. It is advisable to plan well in advance and select the places that will best suit your kids.

A private guide is almost indispensible to make your trip more interesting and informative. We’ll pick one who can share interesting stories of palace events with your kids.

Get more travel tips from our page: How to Visit the Forbidden City.

3. The Summer Palace

The Summer Palace used to be an imperial garden and a summer retreat. Now it is a great place to go with children for leisure, especially during summer.

You can enjoy a stroll along the Long Corridor, which is a shady walkway stretching for half a mile. You can also take a boat ride on Kunming Lake.

4. The Hutongs

the hutong in BeijingA family is learning to apply facial makeup for Beijing opera in a local family in hutong.

The hutongs are traditional Beijing neighborhoods where kids will enjoy a glimpse into authentic Chinese family life.

You can ride a rickshaw (pedicab), walk, or bike to explore the narrow alleys.

In our hutong tour, you will have chance to learn to apply facial makeup for Beijing opera, try your hand at Chinese calligraphy and making kites, or make dough figurines or dumplings.

5. Temple of Heaven Park

Temple of Heaven Park is a tranquil oasis of peace in busy Beijing. Early morning is the best time to visit. You can not only discover Chinese history and culture, but also have an interesting experience watching local people doing morning exercises.

If you go in spring or autumn, you can fly kites with your children.

6. Beijing Zoo

Beijing ZooYou can see giant pandas in Beijing Zoo. 

Beijing Zoo is one of the most convenient places to take you kids to see giant pandas if Chengdu (hometown of giant pandas) isn’t in your travel itinerary.

This zoo is one of the biggest city zoos and home to about 450 species and 5,000 animals. Besides the pandas, the polar bears, lions, tigers and giraffes are particularly enjoyed by kids.

The dolphin and other ocean star performances in the zoo’s Ocean Park will make your trip more interesting.

7. Kung Fu Show

If your kids are interested in Chinese kung fu, the show at Red Theater should not be missed.

Named “The Legend of Kung Fu Show”, this 70-minute performance tells the story of a young boy who joins a monastery to learn kung fu, and finally becomes a kung fu master through hard work.

It is visually stunning with a fast-paced plot and impressive martial art skills. Your children will be impressed by the mix of kung fu, dance, and acrobatics.

8. 798 Art Zone

798 Art Zone in Beijing798 Art Zone in Beijing

Beijing 798 Art Zone is famous for its unique art exhibitions and special creation workshops.

It used to be a factory production site, and now it is a melting pot of art galleries, sculptures, and cafes.

Even if your kids are not really into art, they should still find something interesting, such as the 3-D image museum.

9. Beihai Park

Beihai Park is a large historical park located in the city center, and a place where you can enjoy a break from the city hustle and bustle.

The things you can do with your kids are climbing up the small hill to the White Pagoda, taking a boat on the lake, or watching local people playing taichi ball, kicking shuttlecocks, and so on. The warm and kind Chinese folk will invite your kids to join in.

10. China Science and Technology Museum

China Science and Technology Museum is a very interactive museum, exhibiting ancient Chinese technology, such as astronomical devices, compasses, and gunpowder, as well as new sci-tech products and innovations.

Some of the interactive displays and experiments are fun, especially for kids. It also has a section for young kids.

Enjoy a Hassle-Free Beijing Family Tour with Us

Family tour in ChinaEnjoy a hassle-free family tour with us. 

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If you have any ideas or requirements, please feel free to contact us, and we will be glad to create your own unique trip.

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