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Beijing Confucius Temple is a place where people worshipped Confucius during the Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties.


The temple is on Guo Zijian Street (also known as Chengxian Street) in Andingmen, Beijing. On Guo Zijian Street are four painted wood arches built during the Qing Dynasty. Reportedly, Guo Zijian Street has most and best-preserved wooden arches in Beijing.

Construction of Beijing Confucius Temple began in 1032 and continued until 1036. The main building was decorated with yellow glazed tiles, a symbol of the highest construction standards in ancient society. The temple was designed with a suitable layout and large scale, vividly demonstrating the status of the royal family.

Beijing Confucius Temple covers 20,000 square meters and has four separate courtyards. The main buildings are Xianshi Gate, Dacheng Gate, Dacheng Pavilion and Chongsheng Temple. In front of the temple stand Tablets Pavilion, God Kitchen, Shensheng Pavilion and Well Pavilion. At its west are Tablets Pavilion, Zhizhai Hall and Chijing Gate, which is connected with Guo Zijian. On both sides are 198 tablets built during the Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasty, with precious antiques showing the history of ancient Chinese exams. The sacrifice ceremony was held in Dacheng Hall.

Beijing Confucius Temple has various wonderful collections, and is famous for its stone carvings, such as Jinshi Tablets, Qian Long stone drums, Shisanjing carvings and other stone tablets built during the Ming and Qing Dynasty. Moreover, there are 14 stone pavilions built in the Ming and Qing Dynasty. Stone carvings are precious historical records, and the grand Shisanjing tablets are representative of ancient Chinese culture.

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Beijing Confucius Temple is located at Guo Zijian Street, Dongcheng District.


Bus:Tourists can take City Bus No.104 and 108 to get off at Fangjia Hutong Station. Or, tourists can take Bus No.116, 13 and 807 and get off at Guo Zijian Station.
Subway:Tourists can take Subway Line 2 and get off at Lama Temple Station.
Open Time: from 9:00 a.m. to 17:00 p.m.

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