The Top 5 Hot Spring Resorts Near Beijing

The Top 5 Hot Spring Resorts Near Beijing

By Candice SongUpdated Mar. 18, 2021

Natural hot springs in Beijing provide different natural therapeutic and health benefits. You can choose pools based on the desired benefits. Different hot springs feature different facilities and activities, including outdoor and indoor pools, but most also have private family areas.

Here are our five top recomendations for hot springs in Beijing, which you can visit after a long day at Beijing's attractions in any season of the year.

1. Jiuhua Hot Springs Resort (九华山庄)

Traditional style massage is offered at Jiuhua hot springs resort. Traditional style massage is offered at Jiuhua Hot Springs Resort.

This resort offers many kinds of herbal hot spring bathing, swimming, and traditional Chinese medicine healthcare.

It is one of the top ten hot springs in China.


It was opened in opened in 1998, but the hot springs have been famous since ancient times. Emperors during the Qing era used to revel in toasty volcanic aqua, although it has been renovated to give it a lido-cum-spa feel.

It was Beijing's first outdoor hot spring and remains the largest in the area. It was also the first in the area to add in medicinal herbs to its mineral waters.

Xiaotangshan hotspring head has been a famous hot spring for over 300 years. Qing dynasty architecture, Buddhist statues and décor still in the area make it feels more like an emperor's summer garden than a hot spring. It is a good place for those who love historic or traditional architecture and decor.

Features and Facilities

The main features include a waterfall cascading down a rock staircase. This leads to a smaller, hotter pool. There are a wide variety of pools connected with bridges and winding pathways. You can find a Tibetan floor spa, housing Tibetan masseurs, and baths.

The hot spring's waters are said to contain curative elements, which help those with arthritis and neurasthenia. The herbs used are of different scents and visitors can choose their pool.

The spring water baths and swimming, Turkish fish pedicure, massages, and acupuncture will offer good relaxation and curative benefits after a tiring day at the various nearby cultural sites.

Its perimeter is served by a monorail because it is so big. It can also be very busy in the evenings and weekends. It can attract 5,000 people in a day.

There is also a play area for kids, televisions in a couple of pools, as well as changing rooms. Snacks and drinks are available too.

Travel Essentials

It is to the northeast of Beijing's downtown and near the airport. Thus, it is a good place for a visa-free stop over, or to stop at on the way back from a walk on the Mutianyu section of the Great Wall.

You can also visit the hot spring resort after wisiting other attractions north of Beijing, like the Ming Tombs, Mt. Mang National Forest Park, and Beijing's top ski resorts.

2. Xiaotangshan Longmai Hot Spring Resort (龙脉温泉度假村)

Longmai spa is located halfway Mutianyu Great Wall section Longmai Hot Spring Resort is a great visit after hiking Mutianyu.

Like the Jiuhua hot springs, Longmai is northeast of Beijing city and near the airport. This makes it another great visa-free option. It is halfway to Mutianyu's Great Wall section, and therefore a good place to visit after sight-seeing and hiking.

It offers open-air hot springs pools surrounded by green bamboo fences, tranquility and private spa rooms suitable for families.

Features and Facilities

The facilities include a large indoor swimming pool and luxurious spa suites fashioned after the ancient architectural style.

It features more than 30 outdoor hot springs, including a karst cave hot spring, with different medicinal benefits so you can select which you want. In fact, the springs are hidden in the forest and bamboo grove. These are herbal hot springs, salt-bath hot springs, and tea-bath hot springs.

Its waters vary from 40 °C to 60 °C (104 °F to 140°F) and is therefore suitable for winter bathing. The water has 56 minerals and micro elements. 

It also has guest rooms built in the classical style of the Ming (1368–1644) and QIng dynasties. The corridors are decorated with Qing-style wall paintings and palace features. 

You can also visit this place for aquatic entertainment activities such as waterslide, drift and wading. Other facilities, activities include table tennis, karaoke and billiards.

Travel Essentials

It is strategic place for resting and relaxation after a strenuous day at Beijing's northern sights or ski resorts.

3. Chunhuiyuan Hot Spring Resort (春晖园)

Traditional Chinese acupuncture and moxibustion are offered at the spaTraditional chinese acupuncture and moxibustion are offered at the spa.

The resort shares a springhead - Xiaotangshan hot spring, with Jiuhua hot spring. It covers an area of about 400,000 square meters and is fit for conferences, relaxation and fine-dining.

Full TCM treatments are offered, including acupuncture, fire cupping, moxibustion, massage, and acupressure.

Features and Facilities

It features Japanese style spas including three large spa pools and two tub spa areas, which are clustered around a lake at the resort. Its water temperature ranges from 39°C to 42°C (102.2°F to 107.6°F). The spring draws water from 1,800 meters under the ground, and the waters have health and therapeutic effects on the body.

The resort has an open-air garden that has 10 large spa pools, including a wine spa, flower spa, and milk spa. One of the springs provides aqua acupressure where the pumps are specially designed to massage and relax a person.

The resort also has eight lakeside villas and two hotels that have private spa pools.

Travel Essentials

It is a good place to relax at after a long day of park activity sightseeing, or a hike at the Jinshanling Great Wall section, or after business meetings.

4. Fengshan Hot Spring Resort (凤山温泉度假村)

The hot spring is near the Ming TombFengshan Hot Spring Resort is near the Ming Tombs.

The resort is south of Mang Mountain and west of the Ming Tombs Reservoir. Therefore, it is suitable for resting and relaxation after a tiring day hiking on the Great Wall mountain range or exploring nearby attractions.

Features and Facilities

The 4-star garden hotel features meeting rooms, hot spring therapy, entertainment, and quality accommodation.

The hot spring paradise measures 21,000 square-meters and has a typical hot spring with 72 pools and therapies. The hot spring water comes from 3,800 meters underground and contains therapeutic and health benefits.

It has 18 outdoor pools and 50 in-door pools. You can arrange for private use of a pool with family, at an additional cost.

Travel Essentials

5. Number 8 Hot Spring Club (8号温泉商务会馆)

Foot massage is also offered at the spring Foot massage is offered at the Number 8.

The resort is located on the west of Chaoyang Park and feels like a classy secluded bathhouse when compared to others in the suburbs. It provides natural waters that emanate from 2,500 meters below the ground surface.

Features and Facilities

The club has separate bathing areas for men and women, and bathing suits are used. Note that swim trunks are not allowed (use swimming shorts). 

Other services and features include massaging, salt scrubs, a Finnish sauna, and a buffet. However, some services cost an additional fee.

Travel Essentials

Just west of the city center, it is strategic for travelers to relax after a day touring the sights.

Relax and Discover Beijing with Us

Juyong Pass Great Wall FortBeijing's hot springs offer good places to relax after exploring the Great Wall.

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