Best Times to Visit Beijing

Best Times to Visit Beijing

By Carol WangUpdated Nov. 2, 2021

The best times to visit Beijing are spring (April, May) and fall (September, October) when the weather is most pleasant, and the views are most spectacular, on average.

The rainiest part of summer is from July to August, which is hot and humid. During winter, Beijing is very cold and dry, with a little snow.

Beijing experiences the greatest tourist inflows in the first week of October and summer vacation (July–August), when air tickets are hard to find and hotel rates are comparatively expensive. Far fewer tourists come in winter.

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Beijing Monthly Weather Info

Average Temperatures

Month Average Low Average High
Jan -6℃ (21℉) 4℃ (39℉)
Feb -4℃ (25℉) 6℃ (43℉)
Mar 2℃ (36℉) 15℃ (59℉)
Apr 9℃ (48℉) 21℃ (70℉)
May 15℃ (59℉) 26℃ (79℉)
Jun 22℃ (72℉) 32℃ (90℉)
Jul 22℃ (72℉) 30℃ (86℉)
Aug 22℃ (72℉) 30℃ (86℉)
Sep 16℃ (61℉) 27℃ (81℉)
Oct 7℃ (45℉) 19℃ (66℉)
Nov 1℃ (34℉) 11℃ (52℉)
Dec -7℃ (19℉) 3℃ (37℉)

Average Precipitation and Humidity

Month Rain/Snow  Humidity
(mm) (in) Days (%)
Jan 3 0 2 30
Feb 5 0 2 30
Mar 8 0 3 35
Apr 21 1 4 35
May 34 1 6 35
Jun 78 3 10 45
Jul 185 7 14 60
Aug 160 6 12 70
Sep 46 2 8 60
Oct 22 1 5 50
Nov 7 0 4 45
Dec 3 0 2 40


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The Best Times to Visit Beijing

April and May are the time to enjoy the best of Beijing's spring, in which temperatures climb quickly and the weather tends to be warm and moderate.

The average low and high temperatures are around 12°C (53°F) and 24°C (75°F). This is a great time to enjoy blossoms in the city parks.

In September and October, after the summer monsoon, the humidity subsides and you can feel cool and comfortable in temperatures with an average low of 12°C (53°F) and high of 23°C (73°F).

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The city receives little rainfall in these months and enjoys a lot of golden autumn sunshine.

The first week of October is generally a time to avoid, though — a public holiday that sees large numbers of travelers flock to Beijing to enjoy the historical sights and majestic Great Wall.

Hotels are and sights are usually overcrowded during this time and prices will be high.

Public Holidays & Events:

  • Qingming Festival (Tomb Sweeping Day): the holiday usually lasts for 3 days from April 3rd to 5th or April 4th to 6th. 
  • May Day (Labor Day): falls on 1st, May and the public holiday always lasts for 3 days from 1st to 3rd.
  • Mid- Autumn Festival: on the 15th day of the eighth month in the Chinese lunar calendar, it always falls on the date of September. 
  • China National Day: on October 1st, Chinese people will have a 7-day holiday from Oct 1 to Oct 7.

Check what to wear and what to see during the best time

Beijing Weather in April

Beijing Weather in May

Beijing Weather in September

Beijing Weather in October

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The Second-Best Times to Visit Beijing

Based on our experience, late March, June, and early November are the second-best times to visit Beijing, when the weather is not at its coldest or hottest.

Humidity levels are generally tolerable: the air is not as dry as it is in winter. In terms of tourism, they are the shoulder season months, so you can enjoy some good rates for hotels.

March and November are Beijing’s transition in out of and into winter with daytime temperatures going rapidly up and down from around freezing.

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If you are traveling in these months, make sure to have warm clothes that can be stowed away if daytime temperatures rise to mild levels.

You are likely to encounter a dust storm in mid or late March. Wearing a mask and sunglasses (goggles) can prevent respiratory and eye discomfort.

June is the initial period of the rainy season, traditionally coinciding with the Dragon Boat Festival, which generally falls around mid-June.

Check the weather forecast, and have a flexible travel schedule that can be adjusted rather than spoiled by heavy rains.

Public Holidays & Events:

  • Women's Day: International Women's Day is celebrated on March 8. Normally females have a half-day holiday on this date for shopping. 
  • Dragon Boat Festival: On the 5th day of the 5th lunar month, Chinese people enjoy 3 days off for the festival. A dragon boat race is often held at Longqing Gorge in Beijing (but not every year). 

Check what to wear and what to see during the second-best times:

Beijing Weather in March

Beijing Weather in November

Beijing Weather in June

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The Peak Season in Beijing

July and August are not ideal times for traveling around Beijing due to the summer monsoon, but it is nevertheless the peak season because the school summer vacations are in these 2 months.

More tourists tend to travel during these months, and hotel rates are expensive and they can fill up quickly. Try to avoid this time if you don’t like to experience a crowds or a long queue at each attraction.

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The weather is hot and humid. Summer showers (mostly moderate/heavy and thundery) suddenly occur in the daytime, but are gone in a short time. Therefore, they have little impact on a travel schedule.

If you have to travel in July and August, take an umbrella (which protects from both rain and sun) as the weather is usually too warm to wear a rain jacket.

For more on what to wear and what to see during the peak season, see:

Beijing Weather in July

Beijing Weather in August

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The Off-Season in Beijing

Not many tourists travel to Beijing during the winter from December to February. The weather is very cold and dry, the average temperature in the daytime stands at 4°C (39°F) and it can often drop to -5°C (23°F) or lower at night.

There is very little rainfall in the off-season, but you can expect snow and frost. Smog can collect on windless days, which results in a grey sky with bad visibility.

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You are suggested to wear a mask to avoid harmful particles in the air. However, with 2 year’s improvement in air quality (partly due to COVID controls), there has been no serious pollution day in Beijing in the last 2 years!

As it is the off-season in Beijing, hotel prices are low, and there are fewer crowds. Except for the short holidays in these months: Christmas Day, January 1, and the Chinese Spring Festival, this season is best for traveling on a budget.

Public Holidays & Events:

  • Christmas Day in China: Christmas in Beijing is mainly commercial; it is a busy shopping season.
  • Chinese New Year (Spring Festival): falls in late January or February. If you plan to travel to Beijing in this period, do make reservations a few months before, as most tour guides go back home for a Spring Festival reunion, while hotel/restaurant staff work overtime. 

Check out what to wear and what to see during the winter off-season:

Beijing Weather in December

Beijing Weather in January

Beijing Weather in February

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Frequently Asked Questions:

1. When is the best time to visit Great Wall in Beijing?

The best time to visit is fall (September–November), with less rain, comfortable temperatures, and more clear days for you to enjoy hiking and photography.

2. When is the best time to visit Forbidden City in Beijing?

Based on our experience, the best time to visit the Forbidden City is from mid-October to the end of November due to comfortable temperatures and fewer crowds. The peak season for visiting the Forbidden City is from April to October; the low season is from November to March.

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